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2003: We have been trained in the US by one of the most traditional mystery shopping firms that ever existed. 2005 was our first complete financial year. in 2008 we realized how to make a difference. And it has been a steep incline ever since.

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Providing just mystery shopping has never been enough for us. The goal has always been to make an impact, shape sales results, and bring pronounced returns. This commitment required constant innovation both digitally and methodologically. We evolve fast.

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Covering over 15 countries and running international operations Phantom Shopping is recognised by many MSPA members as a company ahead of its game. Simply because we are first movers. First to respond to new circumstances, new driving market forces, and shaping methods technology and operations in a flash.

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People we meet professionally are often surprised to hear us talk about a whole different game. We are dreamers of our profession and pioneer distances no one has ever gone before. 15+ years at it, yet we remain, passionate, hungry, and foolishly innovative.

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