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We increased Cashier Sales Effort by 30% in 4 years.

As the oil industry reshapes itself to sustainable revenue sources, alongside renewable energy, tech solutions, mobility services, gastro becomes top priority.


Increase in Cashier
Sales Effort: 30%


Time Span:
4 years


in selling fresh
gastro products


The Challenge

Fresh gastro products are margin boosters, yet the staff is hesitant to recommend them. Surprisingly, to avoid customer irritation. A deep dive into staff viewpoint revealed that there are too many items cashiers need to offer in a 1-minute transaction window.

The Outcome

Breakthrough came when staff were empowered to pitch way they found relevant: Knowing all items on the “reco menu” yet only needing to pitch the most relevant one to the customer. This boosted willingness to cross-sell and tripled the gastro product sales.

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Defining the most relevant KPI’s, piloting, setting frequency, implementing tracking


Establishing a feedback culture, setting up encouraging environment, preparation and training


Helping find the right type of incentive and levelling it both horizontally and vertically


Fully revise at least once a year to ensure constant evolution and relevance

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