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We increased Coffee Education by 28% in 2 quarters

Coffee is a hot topic not just in HORECA. Happy customers, top margins, the kind of cake that all industries want a slice of.


Increase in Coffee
Education: 28%


Time Span:
2 quarters


increase in
cheque average


The Challenge

Coffee has a wide range of price variations. Speciality coffee stores can shoot for absolute high-end because they sell ambiance over products. Challenge is that customers like to learn more about the magic before spending the extra buck. Baristas are viewed as advisers and educators.

The Outcome

To leverage desire for learning, we created an incentive program for baristas, where education was combined with recommending cross-sell products. “Did you know that this cake was designed around the character of your coffee?” A massive impact on check average in just three quarters, ROI over the roof, and we are nowhere near done.

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Defining the most relevant KPI’s, piloting, setting frequency, implementing tracking


Establishing a feedback culture, setting up encouraging environment, preparation and training


Helping find the right type of incentive and levelling it both horizontally and vertically


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