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We increased customer follow up by 32% in 11 months

Customers want to feel important when making the single biggest spending of their lifetime. How can the feeling be delivered when there are simply too many customers?


Increase in customer
follow up: 32%


Time Span:
11 month


in conversion,
i.e. prospect making the purchase


The Challenge

Real estate market has huge demand differences in economic rise or fall. In a property boom agents tend to forget that customers will remember negligence once there is a slowdown again. Being quick in responding to calls means caring and and wins customer commitment.

The Outcome

Even when customers outbid each other the only safe target is 100% follow up and quick response times. Frequent tracking of the sales process and bonuses linked to timeliness did the job. Customers reinforced that with 50% higher conversion rate.

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Defining the most relevant KPI’s, piloting, setting frequency, implementing tracking


Establishing a feedback culture, setting up encouraging environment, preparation and training


Helping find the right type of incentive and levelling it both horizontally and vertically


Fully revise at least once a year to ensure constant evolution and relevance

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