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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping tells you the gap between your customer’s needs and what your brand delivers in real life. It is the only way to measure the EFFORT put into customer interactions. If the front-line effort is 50%, you know your True Sales Potential (TSP) is walking out the door.

Digital Data Collection:

  • Online Mystery Shopping –  The ultimate web journey mapping
  • In-Store Mystery Shopping – For face to face touchpoints 
  • Phone / Email Mystery Shopping – For digital channels
  • Social Mystery Shopping – Is your social page alive?
  • Theft prevention – To avoid inventory loss

Mystery Shopping instantly improves customer awareness and provides actionable insights to obtain engaged repeat, and advocate customers. Our field force of 55,000 evaluators and cutting edge analytics helps you boost your customer experience with short-term impact.

Mystery Shopping Key Benefits:

  • Be sure you meet customers’ expectations and quickly close any gaps. 
  • Closing gaps on all touchpoints turns customers into advocates.
  • Instantly improve customer awareness in a matter of days.

Employee surveys

Customers are pleased by employees, so customer engagement starts with employee commitment. Employee Surveys uncovers how committed, satisfied, and loyal your employees truly are. You will finally understand why your team is not quite as productive as you would hope, the core sources of their hesitation, and what it will take to re-engage them.

Digital Data Collection:

  • Mood management – Continuous monitoring to eliminate mood swing effects.
  • Employee Mobile Surveys – Quarterly recap for deeper insights.
  • Flipping Point Study – Understanding and resolving resistant behavioral patterns.

We combine our experience in gamification and employee engagement with unique methods designed by our Trainers and Organizational Psychologists. Uncovering invisible problems and using state-of-the-art reporting creates an opportunity to build engaged teams, and stronger results. 

Employee Survey Key Benefits:

  • Employer branding, hear them out and act to obtain advocate employees. 
  • Improve staff retention, identify red flags before your best people leave. 
  • Boost productivity, understand what your team really needs to give their best effort.

Voice of customer

To build a powerful customer journey you have to go directly to the source and understand what your real customers are expecting from you. Learn what your customers tell their friends about your product or service in their very own words. 

Digital Data Collection:

  • QR code mobile feedback invitation
  • NPS – Net Promoter Score
  • After purchase mobile notification
  • The geolocation-based mobile survey invitation

The Voice solution approaches your customers right after their visit to collect perceptions while they’re fresh. Being conscious of the the ever declining time tolerance of real customers the 1 minute survey is designed to maximize response rate. Ongoing tracking of insights gained from customer responses allows identification of trends as well as intervening in real time to resolve any emerging flaws.

Voice of Customer Benefits:

  • Learn what triggers your customers’ purchase decision and how to obtain repeat selling.
  • Harvest and manage customer feedback before they land on social rating giants.
  • Resolve issues at a glance, respond to matters to prevent losing customers.

Customer care

When customers give feedback in surveys, they expect to be heard. But most often no one ever gets back to them. This is especially sensitive in case of reviews where your customer had a bad experience with your brand. When hurt customers take the effort to give you feedback they are giving you a chance to make it right.


  • Creating action trigger criteria, e.g. NPS Detractors.
  • Developing “make it right” offerings that we provide your hurt customer.
  • Calling your customers, ventilation, offering “make it right” package.
  • Following up on whether your customer has been re-engaged.

Our call center will establish your dedicated team of highly experienced operators. Operators are equipped by our training firm Activate to become one of your CX team and represent your brand to the fullest.

Customer Care Benefits:

  • Make sure your customers feel that you care. 
  • Retaining existing customers costs 5 times less than winning a new one.
  • Hurt but re-engaged customers become repeat buying advocates.


Retail Audits provide a clear view of how well your brand is being displayed on both location, area and organizational level. Track if your people are following your standards, rolling out changes to your brand, and complying with special pricing promotions.

Digital Data Collection:

  • On-Site Audit 
  • Online Audit

You cannot be everywhere at the same time but we can. Being your eyes in your channels supplies the compliance metrics you care most about. We assess the presence of your brand at every customer touchpoint as well as the adherence to your standards. Be it display standards, execution of promotions, pricing, or brand identity, we are on point.

Retail Audit Key Benefits:

  • Boost ROI of your pricing and promotion efforts by enforcing rollout.
  • Improve the scatter of brand appearance, locate and fix discrepancies. 
  • Ensure consistent customer messages at every POS.

360 CX Focus

Having a hard time deciding on the data collection method that is right for your goals? It no longer has to be either-or. 360 CX Focus combines Voice of Customer, Mystery Shopping, and Employee surveys to give you richer insights. You will finally understand what your customers expect, how much you are delivering on those expectations, and how it affects your employee motivation.   

In simple terms, we took everything we have learned from running thousands of different surveys and started cross-referencing their results. The outcome was breathtaking so we are proud to share this methodology.

360 CX Focus Benefits:

  • Find the point to which customer wants can be delivered without hurting employee motivation.
  • Know the extent to which employee-fitted customer expectations are delivered. 
  • Up your game with 3-sided aggregated insights.